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We don’t believe we have it but we all do.

Leverage ~ using something to maximum advantage

With leverage comes power and with power comes responsibility.

We are now in a time where it feels like free rein to become anything you want to be and the internet has played a monumental part in that. There are no rules so now is the time to take heed with your hustle and try some things out. So cool, imagine you start working on your hustle and you see it come to life. Before you know it, you’re more successful than you imagined and then someone turns to you and says, “I want to start something similar to you. I need your help.” What do you do? Leverage with power can make you see things in one of two ways. 1) “That person is going to steal my customers so I’m not going to help them” – this comes from a scarcity mindset that has come from past experiences of yours or stories you’ve heard. 2) “If I help them, then they could help someone else, we are all a little richer and maybe we can even make money together.” – Collaboration over competition.

Sometimes it can feel like in helping others we are training the competition. We are told we rise by lifting others but in our quest to help others we can question if this will hinder our future successes. We all have our struggle story but every time we don’t help someone where we know we have the capacity to be of assistance, we maximise their struggle and minimise our empathy. I see a lot of championing on social media around women empowerment but I question how real that is. When we have the ability to help another woman, do we? Or do we think that helping them get their bag will reduce our own? There is enough to go around. Kill the scarcity mindset. It is 2019.

A seat at the table

I know the feeling of finally “arriving”, being happy that you have a seat at the table but also feeling an overwhelming sense of imposter syndrome. So when you finally do sit down, its crazy that someone is asking you to help them get to the table.  You’ve just begun, you’re building a legacy! However, we can build more tables, we can push our chair out and create space for another seat and then another one and then another one. Inviting someone else to the table doesn’t mean that we have to give up our space. At restaurants we join tables together, why can’t we do that in life and business?

Right now, you have leverage. You may think you have none but trust me there is a skill/skills you have that somebody wants. YOU get to choose how you use your power. When we choose not to help someone because of our fear of their gain, we add additional bricks to the barrier that is already ridiculously hard to break. You can help yourself and those you love or you can reach further and help enough people that when your children’s children need a seat, your character is remembered.

Sometimes I see people on social media get high off the leverage they have and use it as a way to try to cancel people. We shouldn’t find joy in someone else’s pain or struggle yet it’s displayed so often online. It’s the devils playground at times. Fear of using your leverage to help others only shows that persons insecurity. Social media has trained some people to be professional pretenders. A lot of us in society have to do better to let go of our ego and make space for generations to come.

Gabrielle Union said, “Any joy we find in the next woman’s pain or struggle is just a reflection of our own pain.”

Let’s keep lifting as we climb. There’s more than one way to the top.