Bola Sol and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Before I start, I want to say thank you to every single person who has poured into me. My friends and family, I hope I know and I hope I show them enough how much they mean to me. To those I met through social media, you have to understand that doing something that is not fashion and/or beauty based (even though I love both) is extremely difficult. So many times I wanted to give up. After season 2 of The Bola Sol Show, I was going to start buying a couple of houses and delete my social media and just be somebody’s wife. But, my father passing reignited the importance of LEGACY in me. I want to break generational chains that don’t work in our favour and rebuild the ones that do. The work God is doing in me is bigger than me. I thank God I am willing to step up to this challenge. For all the work I do I pray my character remains modest even if I change in some ways. Most importantly, I pray I always remain grateful and I NEVER forget to say thank you to each and every one of you who have been a light in my life this year. 2019 we move differently.
2018 has been quite a hard year. I’m a very positive person but it’s the hardest year I’ve encountered. I guess the only thing I’ve shared publicly was the passing of my father but there have been many more things that have happened behind the scenes. I’ve tried to remain positive and that’s maybe what people see the most. I try to see the best in all things and make the most of all things. A grateful spirit can take you places that hard work won’t even take you. And for that, I have been blessed with wonderful opportunities. However, I noticed a shift in how some people treat as a result of my bounce back*.
*Bounce back – the resilience that comes from you taking an L, whether that L is emotionally, financially, mentally, spiritually, physically etc. Example Meek Mill is the king of bounce backs and his album Championships is a perfect example.
I don’t stay in sorrow for long and at times I feel an energy that is annoyed by that. It makes me question who is genuinely happy for me, as in deep down they are happy for me regardless of what is going on in THEIR life. Because the only reason some people can’t be happy for you is that there is a void in their life that is exposed every time they see you. So instead of addressing that void, they just resent you. Everybody loves you at the beginning of your because you are starting out. The struggle is glamourised and people are sort of watching you as if you’re some sort of experiment. “Will they succeed, will they fail? I don’t know but let’s keep watching.” Only a few offer to lend a genuine hand whether you fell from grace or you need a helping hand on your way to the top. The masses will stop and stare but only a select few will actually contribute.
I wear many hats and I’m multifaceted but I don’t feel I’m any different to anyone else. I spend time realising my potential, that is the difference. I question everything and I don’t trust intentions easily. I listen to elders, I make those I admire my role model in the area that‘s applicable. I deal with my pain publicly and privately. It may look like I do no wrong but I do a lot wrong, I just own it. I apologise, I drop my ego constantly and any time of the God-given day any one of my family members can call me and tell me to humble myself. I am not above correction. The only thing I am above is bad energy so anyone who is on that doesn’t have long with me.
This used to be my old username on Twitter. In 2011 I asked that my persuasion builds nations because of Beyoncé’s Run The World song. It’s crazy because Rich Girl Chronicles is just starting but I know where God is taking me. I knew there was something greater inside of me. I think there’s something greater inside of you too. And it’s not an easy journey. There will be hardship but I ask you to give up being complacent. I ask you to give up standing out in a crowd. I gave myself the name Bola Sol for a reason. Sol also represents that even if I have to walk alone I will. Don’t be afraid to start. Every expert was once a novice. Give yourself the power to grow. Give yourself the power to be vulnerable to more. It is the scariest and most exciting place to be. Trust in God always and I hope to see you in 2019. It’s gonna be a lit one.