Last Quarter

We are officially in the last quarter of 2018 and I’m happy I made it to this point. The last quarter is a great time to evaluate where we are, where we want to be and splitting the balance between today’s gratitude and tomorrow’s work ethic.

Look back and be grateful before you move on.

Before we look at what else we can accomplish we need to look over what we’ve done so far and be proud of that. Everything we are proud of doesn’t have to be measured against work we have completed or some sort of accolade we have acquired. It can also be about emotions we conquered or money matters with handled. For example, I’m happy I took the time to grieve over my father‘s passing. I could have ignored my motions but I confronted them instead. I’m also proud that I cleared a credit card off. The world doesn’t have to say, “Congratulations!” to you before you decide to be proud of yourself.
Even if you’ve stretched yourself by 1%, you’ve got to act knowledge that and give yourself some credit. Have a think about your year so far and start getting proud of what you’ve come through.

Re-evaluation of your goals and passions.

Re-evaluate your existing goals that still need to be fulfilled. Is there any you need to modify? Sometimes we have goals then our feelings towards those goals change but we still feel like we still have to complete them. But we don’t. If the passion is completely gone then why are you still doing it? Don’t trick your mind into doing something it doesn’t want to do and create this false sense of productivity if your heart isn’t in it anymore.

We all slip up.

Come back to the goals you feel you slipped on. healthy eating and regular exercise is a constant goal for me but I sometimes slip for three days then it becomes three months and before you know it the FUPA Is back and blocking my outfit blessings. Some goals we don’t even start our goals and we can’t answer our own ‘why’. There are things that we want to do and we feel blocked but take the time to assess what’s really blocking you and what’s really bothering you. At times what can block us is the fear of rejection we may face once we have completed that goal. We tell ourselves I’ll apply for that grant or that new job but it’s more than just submitting it, it’s also facing potential rejection. Get honest with yourself about why you’re stifling the potential of some goals.

Get accountable with your goals with someone you know that will ask you about it and keep you focused. Don’t get so wrapped up in thinking ahead and on the future that you don’t see the beauty of the new morning. Every day is new so remind yourself you have 365 times in a year to commit to your goals. We are officially in the last quarter of the year, I hope you finish on the high your potential deserves.