5 Blogs I’m Currently Reading

The best part of becoming a blogger is discovering other people’s work and becoming a part of their movement. Sometimes you never know what you’re passionate about until you come across a blogger that changes your perspective and the way you think. Below are 5 bloggers I’m currently championing for.

My Cancer and I 

Whenever I think I’m going through some things, stories like this remind me that I could be more grateful. Ashea is 47 (although she doesn’t look a day over 30!) and she has triple negative breast cancer. When I read her story, not only was I moved but I learned so much. Click here to for the link to her story and her Go Fund Me page. 

Move With Doyin

I interviewed Doyin on Refined Currency. Doyin quit her job at 24 to travel the world and I am constantly in awe of how bold she is. Her travel tips have taught me how to travel on a budget, why it’s okay to travel alone and how to travel alone as well as where to go on holiday! If you want to know where to get cheap flights from, trust and believe you need to sign up for her newsletter on her website.

Beers, Meats and Treats

I don’t follow many food blogs but this is my ultimate favourite food blog out there right now. While I don’t drink beer, I do love meats and treats and as Anya says on her blog, ‘If it doesn’t have meat, it’s a snack’. She also had the pleasure of being on an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s #CulinaryGenius

Personally, I’m waiting for her to bring one of her food events to London!

Cherina Honestly



When I read her about page I was so in love with her raw honesty about her personal truth. She talks honestly about setting weight loss goals and the notion of conditional self-love. She’s just getting started on the blog scene but I think she’s going to make a huge impact.

Mrs Mummy Penny

Healthy wealth, body and mind is Lynn James’ motto and I love it. She has the perfect writing mix when it comes to lifestyle and personal finance. Although I’m not a mum, one of my favourite blog posts is about the reality of the salary drop when you take maternity leave. She gives you tips on how to survive that here. Another great thing about Lynn James’ is that she is so supportive of women coming together and I’m truly grateful for how much she helped me when I was getting started with my personal finance website Refined Currency. Thank you for being the example I needed.