I’ve made this a quick post because I know some of you are reading this in between your busy schedule and I do appreciate that so thank you for your time. I’ve put down some lessons I have learned from this year and also from coming into a new age.

Relationships / Friendships 

A friendship that isn’t active today doesn’t make it inactive forever. What that means is don’t burn permanent bridges in a temporary state of emotion. There are some people I don’t talk to now but I’m aware that we may talk in the future. I don’t know how or when but I accept what today is and know that tomorrow may not be the same.

Different friends fulfill different things. So what I mean is, some friends are the ones you cry with and some friends are the ones you laugh with. If you’re really lucky then they might just do both. But it’s important to know which friend can do what. Sometimes we go crying to a friend who just ends up laughing. Know whom you’re speaking to.

Accept people for who they are. We tend to bring our own ideas to a relationship and try to stick them on people we want to care for but it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes we don’t understand why our friend or even family member is being that way and we can so quickly call them selfish but we all have different characteristics. Do you love them enough in spite of your differences? That’s the question you really need to ask yourself.

When loved ones become quiet in your life, don’t instantly take it personally. It’s so easy to make it all about you but people are facing their own battles. We get so wrapped up in our emotions and we forget that just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t struggling.

Don’t be afraid to state a price and not budge. Set your value on your morals, not everybody else’s. Especially where you are operating in a business sense.
Money isn’t everything. I can’t say this enough. Money, however, does give you options. I’ll leave that there.

If you’re not sure what your level of motivation is with money. Ask yourself this, “What could I do if I was a millionaire?” – Before self-doubt fills your mind, truly and deeply ask yourself what you could do and what it might change. Now you’ve made that list, ask, “What’s important enough in that list to make me get up and work for it?”

Life/ General Musings

Take care of your health. When I speak to older people, all they want is good health and I get it now. Look after yourself. Not just for yourself but others. Watch what you eat, watch how you eat. Watch how you live, watch who you choose to live* with. These are all factors that play into yourself.

*live – I don’t mean share a house with, I mean live your life with.

Know what you bring to this world. Know what you offer and be with those who recognise the value in what you bring to the table. Know that whatever you personally have is enough. Kindness, a good heart, humour, knowledge, a good time. Whatever it is, know that’s enough.