When I walk down a street in knee high boots or heels even though I’m already 5″10 tall I usually get the “stares”. Stares vary from dirty looks to an observation of my outfit or a gentle smile because they’ve realised I’ve caught them staring. Regardless of the purpose in their stare, I genuinely take it all in my stride. To be honest, we all should. (Doesn’t mean the dirty looks don’t bruise my ego from time to time though, we’re only human after all.)

My poise is not a mistake. I stride with my head held high for a reason. To be a boss in your own right doesn’t mean being cold. To be warm doesn’t mean you have to be weak. In all things you do confidence is key. Don’t stutter to tell or show people who you are.






























I’m aware of who I am and who I have long wanted to become (still on my way). Get rid of the young girl who had all these insecurities and counted all her flaws. I live a full life of making my flaws and failures look effortless by overriding them with one success after the other. And regardless of how nice we are, there is always someone waiting for our downfall. The thing is…we should be rooting for each other because we as women get a hard time as it is.  We will fall down regardless of how things goes so why not look good doing it? Our confidence should never simmer irrespective of whether we experience failure or what we look like on any given day. We all have different strategies when it comes to how we operate. Find what makes you confident and run with it.

To me, it’s important that I am the way I am. Why? There is a shortage of women who are confident without uttering a word. We NEED more of us. There is a lack of confident women. I’m talking about the kind of woman who goes first when nobody else wants to, or objects when everybody else stays quiet. The woman who takes natural leadership, the one who isn’t afraid to overpower the voice of someone who cut her off mid-sentence. Have we come along way? Yes. Is there room for more of us? Most definitely. We must be our most audacious selves as often as possible. To be audacious doesn’t mean we don’t have humility, it just means:

  1. We don’t take shvt
  2. We are confident about our shvt




























As women, we HAVE to celebrate ourselves. Furthermore, we have to celebrate each other. Nothing makes me happier than when I see other women doing well. In all you’ve done and in all you’ve achieved, celebrate yourself. Of course, there is much more to accomplish but take the time to stop and realise what you’ve done so far. Celebrate you.