The Glow Up

For a long time, I’ve misconstrued what the glow up essentially is. For a while, I thought it came with the emotional release of letting go of someone detrimental to your wellbeing such as a boyfriend or girlfriend. You know everybody talks about the infamous ‘post fuckboy’ glow. Then, as I matured and had more discussions with people about this ‘glow up’ I realised the glow up has everything to do with as an individual. 

The glow up is essentially you taking care of yourself. It means eating right, working out, taking care of your skin and hair, spending time with people you love, giving, receiving and taking care of yourself internally which also means looking after your emotional and mental health. 

The glow up is literally self-care and it should never be dependent on another individual. I think this dependency on another person to make you ‘glow’ is where a lot of relationships go wrong. Sometimes we don’t work on ourselves to an adequate extent and then when somebody comes along, instead of dealing with our individual issues we may decide to delay dealing with them and focus our attention on the person we are seeing but this is extremely detrimental to your personal character. The concentration on the person you’re seeing can turn into resentment if things don’t work out however, you have to ask yourself, why did you stop taking care of yourself in the first place?

The glow up also isn’t subject solely to romantic relationships. Sometimes we can have people in our life that are emotionally draining and instead of dealing with the situation at hand we can become passive to the behaviour that is becoming detrimental to us. At times I haven’t been willing to let go of certain people because I’ve been scared to look like a bad person but then I had to ask myself, how much emotional baggage can I handle at this point in my life? Everyone is different and can handle situations to different capacities but everyone is constantly trying to get to grips with life and we all have our own things going on. There’s nothing wrong with letting go of draining platonic relationships if they no longer serve you and it costs you too much of your peace to be a servant to them.

So regardless of your relationship status or friendship statuses, choose to glow up for yourself as often as you can. Forget a post fvckboy glow or whatever you want to call it. Make it a point to appreciate yourself enough to look after yourself. Internal & external happiness doesn’t come from a show & tell attitude on social media, it comes from an honest conversation with yourself.