Dear Graduate

Before I talk about the different experiences you may have after graduating I wanted to give a disclaimer that I’m not here to talk about the job aspect of graduating in too much detail. However, after you read this here’s a good thread on Twitter about applying for schemes and internships.

They say the best way to learn quickly is to listen to those with experience so you don’t have to waste so much of your time and your life making the same mistakes.




Getting the grade & the real world

Whatever grades you’ve received, take a few moments for yourself. Forget social media, forget parent’s expectations and be grateful you’ve made it to the end. We’ve heard it time and time again but it always rings true like it’s new every time we hear it, comparison is and will always be the thief of joy. You can’t compare yourself to another based on intellect, work ethic or any other factor that went into their result. It will drive you crazy studying the strategy of others when you could spend that time realising what you bring to the table.

What can be both inspiring yet crippling is realising you are the same as everybody else in terms of having a degree. However always remember that no 2 journeys are identical.  Of course, you have your qualities that make you unique but once you go out into this world you’ll have to make your way through it just like everybody else. You can’t expect everyone to know who you are or take an interest. Just because you know you’re special, it doesn’t mean the world does and now, you have to prove yourself. You may think “I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.” Trust me I get it but if what you want in life requires the support of others you’re going to have to prove that you deserve to be in the room you’ve chosen to step into. Understand now that the world owes you nothing so don’t feel entitled to anything. So instead of showing your ego; roll up your sleeves and start working.

Also, remember that what you chose to do educationally at 17/18 can change when you turn 21/22. You’ve studied something and maybe you still love it and maybe you don’t but be true to yourself and be true to your God given gifts. Don’t be narrow-minded; get your foot in the door. Don’t get lost in the title of what a job is, what can it teach you? Can it take you to the next place you want to be? Also if you see something you really want, get in the building even if it’s not the job you want straight away. To get to your final destination you do have to take an initial step so remember that before you let your imaginations do leaps and bounds on where it wants to be without actually starting.



This is a time you’ll realise that some friends truly have seasons. People you may have been close with during University may not translate into a postgraduate life friendship. However, whether friendships end due to particular reasons or just the ending of a season, be grateful for what you had in that relationship and think about what it taught you. Did it make you better? Did it make you more honest? Did it make you wary of people who may enter your life with a hidden agenda? In every situation, promise yourself you’ll learn from it so life doesn’t need to keep teaching you the same lesson repeatedly.


Family is everything and then some. I didn’t really take this in until after university when I realise I poured so much effort into people that weren’t worth it when I could have been spending that time with people who love me unconditionally. Friends will come and go, some are for life and some become like family but your DNA? There’s no match for that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years it’s that family truly trumps everything and my support lies there first and foremost. If a friend asks me to do something and I’m free I’m there but if a family member asks I’m dropping everything because I now understand the importance in making them a priority.

Furthermore, if you don’t already know, find out where you come from and what it means to come from your family. Finding out will build your character and show you who you are and what you are really made of. Also, be willing to listen and be willing to be humbled. You have to be willing to be humbled and not mistake that for being disrespected. Learn from your elders and listen to their stories. This isn’t school anymore but the education outside of the classroom will give you a far richer experience so take notes.


Don’t take your youth for granted to the point you feel like you’ll never outgrow the infancy stages of your life. Enjoy your youth but also put pen to paper mentally and think about what you could be doing with it. There are so many things we never got to try out as we grew older because we had to pick a major subject and everything else fell to the waist side. But now you’re done with university, it’s your time to reignite those passions. I know what you’re probably thinking, where will I find the time to do all of this? You have more time than you think you have in a day or a week but you have to be willing to see times value to truly notice that there is time available. Now is not the time to get into a routine, go out there and spread your wings and see what comes of it. Careers have been birthed from passions people didn’t even know they had until they were willing to try something new. So every day for as long as you feel young, do something your older self will be glad to say they did when it’s time to tell a story about your life.

Dear Graduate, your life is just beginning; make sure you get the most out of it!


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