Disclaimer: For those that question why some people are so concerned with money or being rich, maybe their circumstances of growing up made them that way.

So many people feel the need to say “I’m not really interested in money, I just want to be happy.” Good for you. I never explain why I want to be rich but since you’re here let me give you a few reasons:

  • I’ve always been hard working and learned to work smart. Naturally, that will pay off for anyone
  • I had to get a student loan, my children will not use student loans (no discredit to my parents though!)
  • I want a trust fund for my children

You may think that one doesn’t need to be rich to do these things but the friends I know who have some of these things covered come from a rich background.

Growing up I had so many ideas of my life by the time I was 20 something. I thought by now I would be a millionaire and I would be working for myself. Then university came and I realised what reality was. The older we get, the more we realise life isn’t as easy as we thought. Regardless of the difficulties, I believe we get stronger with time and learn to handle things better.

There’s a lot of money to be made but we have to find the ways how and do the work. I think it’s often forgotten that the work needs to be done and the hustle is never really over. There’s nothing wrong with having high hopes for your future but having high hopes and a standard work rate does not equate to being rich. I’ve been around a few rich people and a lot of them don’t watch TV and a lot of them read quite a lot. Check out this post I did base on the book The Rules To Wealth.

Although monetary wealth has not come into my life yet I know it will and I know I am rich in many other ways. It’s really important we don’t become severely focused on material wealth and forget that every day we don’t go hungry, thirsty or homeless. Don’t forget a good job, decent earnings and regular holidays. Some of us have very rich lives, some of us may not realise it yet but realising and appreciating your current riches will make sure for much more.

A few things brought on this post. One of them being #lagostolondon – if you haven’t watched it I encourage you to. I enjoyed the self-made millionaire’s story because he became rich off of making R&B ringtones. It was a great reminder to me that no idea is too little, so many times we are told to think big but that doesn’t always apply.

I also think that for us to be rich and STAY rich we have to understand we won’t enjoy all of our money. Wait, what? That’s right, we won’t enjoy all of our money. Rich people reinvest their money into existing opportunities whilst keeping an eye out for new money making ideas. It is our children, grandchildren, and greats that will profit from our hard work if we do it right. The right type of rich is one that lasts for generations and not just for themselves. If we are going to be the new generation of rich we have to be wiser and think differently.

I have no qualms about whether or not my financial success or your financial success will come. It’s not if, it’s when. Our best bet in the meantime is to keep grinding and keep our head down. Before you know it, someone will tap you and say, “You’ve arrived.”