This post was written in May 2016

I left my job recently because I felt like I needed to grow in more ways than one. Initially, I asked for a raise and I had various meetings and they said no. From that no, I knew exactly what my plan was and it was to get out and make more money in a similar role. One thing I know is that a no is never final unless you let it be. Rejection is a part of life that I have accepted and the quicker we all realise that it happens to all of us, the quicker we can continue succeeding. Although my proposal was rejected, no matter what, always ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Some people have asked why I didn’t wait till I found a new job, my answer is that you have to leave your comfort zone to become better than you were before. Know when to walk away, especially if it means bettering yourself.

Me deciding to leave my job made me think about so many things and I want to share them with you so you can ask yourself some of these things.

Are you more interested in making money or is passion over profit your mantra?

So many people make it seem like wanting a lot of money or wanting to be rich can be a bad thing. Growing up, I always learned that money is the love money is the root of all evil but I later learned that money is of all things. My point is if you strive to be rich then keep striving and find a way to get to where you want to be. Your life is yours. If your friend has decided that they want to join a charity on a low salary that’s fantastic but don’t let it cloud your vision. We get so caught up in others lives that we sometimes begin to neglect our plans. Continue to be clear about your vision. Nurture your dreams and don’t get distracted.

Do I hate 9-5 life? Do I want to be my own boss?

From looking at other entrepreneurs I’ve observed that managing your own business is really hard. At the end of it, it is all you and only you, there’s no employee benefits or regular salary to come and save you. Then there’s the 9-5 life, I questioned at one point whether or not I liked it but I’ve figured out that it’s not so bad. I don’t mind a 9-5 right now but in 20 years I know that that lifestyle won’t be for me. I think a great balance comes from gaining experience now and managing a side hustle. With time I’m sure that the side hustle can turn into a great income.

What am I willing to do to get to where I want to be?

When you think about your life at the age of 50 and somebody asks you how you did it all and how you are still doing it, what do you want to say? After education, it’s very easy to feel as though the learning has stopped. However, it never stops and sometimes we learn that the hard way through various life lessons. I’ve seen my mother pass the age of 50 and she is still working and in some ways, it really breaks my heart. She has given so much of her life for her children and there is no amount of money you can give for all the things a mother does for her kids. She began having children in her early 20s and I know I’m not willing to do that. Ask yourself, what are you willing to do for your future? What sacrifices will you make for your career path?

Don’t be afraid of your answers and your thoughts towards certain things. I’ve become very comfortable in who I am striving to be, even if it makes other people uncomfortable. Today and every day, be comfortable with your choices and with your character. When you’re 60+ and telling your story, nobody cares that your friend Becky did X, Y & Z. Ultimately we have to live our own lives so start feeling better about your decisions. There are no mistakes in your journey.

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