When I decided to shut down my other website, I made that decision because I decided that it was time to live to my full potential. We all should. We all have many talents and when I meet God I know I want to tell Him I used them all. I’m going from being a brand to being a powerhouse so get ready. This is the season of manifestation and I’m becoming aware of who I am slowly and surely. I don’t want to be a fraction of who I was called to be, there’s no peace in playing the smallest version of yourself.


We shouldn’t take our beginning circumstance and make them the key influence in how our future will pan out. Furthermore, we can’t look at our current condition and start to doubt how our future will turn out. And with that being said, welcome to the first post on my new and improved website www.BolaSol.co.uk



When people first meet me and they hear the way I speak they are surprised that I am born and raised from Brixton. I pride myself in being from Brixton and turning out the way I have. Let where you came from be a testament to how far you’ve come and let it propel you to all the success that is still to come. Show those who came from similar backgrounds that it is possible to have a vision passed where you grew up. Show them that that vision can become a reality. So every time I get asked where I’m from I usually throw gang signs up and shout SW9. Never will my situation be used for shame and yours shouldn’t either. My dreams are bigger than the stereotypes set by others for me.


Another thing you may not believe is that I’m also 1 of 6 children to a very hardworking mother. So I am not rich yet (a lot of people assume this) and everything I have has come from looking at the work ethic of my mother. Some of our parents came here with nothing and turned us into their proudest achievement. No matter who you are, find the uniqueness in your situation and polish it like it’s a diamond in the rough. It may take a little while for you to find but when you do, realise there’s treasure in your situation.



Don’t be afraid to change for the better. I choose who I’m around very carefully and I don’t apologise for my choices. I’m trying to get to where I want to be and a Negative Nancy/Nathan isn’t en route to where I’m heading. Of course, I understand that everyone has their off days but we can’t carry the weight of everyone’s burdens when we have our own. Be around people that make you believe in yourself and be around people you believe in too. We can only be cheerleaders for the ones we love if we know that if it was the other way around they would also be cheering for us.



Spot opportunity and don’t take it for granted. There are so many opportunities at our fingertips as millennials and instead of using them, we sometimes let them pass by. There are a few reasons for this:


  1. We take it for granted – We think it’ll happen again and we don’t understand the magnitude of the opportunity until it’s no longer an option.

  2. We don’t feel ready – Women suffer from this so much! We will never be entirely ready but we have to be willing to start anyway. That’s why when you go skydiving they push you on 2.


Opportunity comes to those who create it. Get creative with the opportunities you want to see manifest. Forget overthinking how it’s going to be done and let the components of instinct and logic merge together. And when it comes to self-doubt, abandon it as often as possible. Cut off the inner voice that makes you question if you’re good enough. So many things that we worry about never happen so think about how much time we waste on it. As I said, abandon self-doubt and step up to the challenges of life and turn it into an opportunity. 



Give yourself time to grow. I spoke with a young lady of 22 recently who felt like she was ‘all over the place’ and I was like, “Babe, this is really normal.” You’re not going to have it all together all the time. Whenever I feel I know it all, God and life quickly humbles me so there is a real blessing in staying steadfast in growth. What you learn today can carry you to a better tomorrow so never stop listening to the teachings of others. Everything you want for your life may not come today but trust your journey and the timing of your life. It is well. 


I want to thank all of you for reading my work, I truly appreciate it, especially to those of you that have been following my blog for a while, I hope you’re all well and in good spirits. If you are new to my blog, welcome, we are about to go on a higher journey together. 


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Till then, stay blessed.


Bola Sol x