Firstly, I would like to say thank you for visiting my website.

The main 3 topics I’ll discuss on my blog are Fashion, Feminism & Finance.



“You Won’t Look Like This Forever” is the constant reminder I give to myself to be as fierce as I can as often as I can. A day may come where I may not want to wear makeup accompanied with 5-inch heels and a fabulous ensemble so I live for my fashion moments. However, that day is not today so I’m going to try to stay as fierce, fabulous and youthful as long as I possibly can!


I grew up as one of six children to a single mother and since I could work legally at 16 I’ve been working. I always loved numbers and looked up to my brother who was an accountant and voila! I studied Maths & Finance and graduated in 2014 :) Seeing the way we grew up made me realise I want more for myself (isn’t that natural?). Money isn’t everything I know & I would never trade it for love but I’ve seen what it can do so I work hard to find investments, build my net worth and ensure that I enjoy a richer future.



Is there enough time to explain why I’m a feminist?

“It’s time we rise up at the equal sign instead of being told to settle at the less than sign.”

In conjunction with finance, it’s important to me that all women have basic financial literacy skills (www.refinedcurrency.co.uk). Almost every time I have a conversation about finance I’m standing amongst men and for me, that has to change. I want women to get their worth too and get in the conversation so let’s start by talking about equal rights and equal pay.