A few people think I blog full time. A few people think I model for a living. Some people think I work too much. Some people think I should slow down……You know what I think?

I think I know myself well enough to know EXACTLY what I’m capable of. I work hard and it’s just who I am. There is no reason for me to slow down because I’m in my 20s and if it’s not go time now then when is? Now is the time to be as active as possible because we have a lot of energy and little responsibility. Our 20s are such an important decade for us to experiment, fail, get back up, try again and succeed.

We are so afraid of pushing ourselves at times and as a result, we never get to find out how strong we truly are. I have been to care homes and spoken to elderly people who wish they could walk again or wish they could have the same energy as us “young ones”.

I get that not every day is the same and sometimes you just want to stay in bed but as often as you can, persevere through the tough times.  You’re so much stronger than you think. Of course, there will be sacrifices but in life that’s inevitable. I don’t socialise as much as I want to but I know the people who love me understand. Here are 3 things I go by as I try to keep myself on track:

  1. Power Circle

    Have people around you with the best intentions for your life and your future. You already know who those people are and if you don’t, in time that will reveal itself.  This is your power circle.

  2. Know How You Work

    When people tell me to slow down its because they put the expectations of themselves unto me. This is dogma. I don’t live by the results of other people’s thinking and neither should you. I live by my work ethic. Everything I am is a result of Gods mercy, hard work and resilience. Know how you work and don’t doubt the method that is building your success.

  3. Trust Your Gut

    Every time I don’t trust my gut I am so so pissed at myself. Follow your intuition always, never the crowd. The crowd will have you lost with only yourself to blame. Trust me, your gut will never let you down so don’t let it down either.

Never doubt you’re going places. Never doubt the success that is coming your way. And never doubt yourself, you’re on your way.

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