Women are constantly hailed for their beauty & Instagram shows it best these days. Love heart eyes and comments that say “#goals” are part of the social media world.

However, when a woman is smart…it’s a surprise and delight. Though I enjoy the brains and beauty compliment,  the measure to which it is sometimes glorified can be rather worrying.

From a young age society praises little girls for being in a lovely dress but what about what’s in our lovely mind? If we want to see more women in leadership we must start acknowledging their full potential from a young age and realising that potential is so much more than a pretty dress.

In light of this, I just made a personal finance website

I said in my last post I’m about to start YouTube. I rate the hustle of many vloggers that have given me countless makeup tips and fashion inspiration. I feel when I’ve spoken to both genders about YouTube it’s assumed that it’s about beauty and fashion alone. I guess the only way we can change gender stereotypes is by changing ourselves first. So get ready for something new. From self-worth to bettering your financial habits to being frugal but fabulous!


Outfit Details

Dress – Warehouse, similar dress on ASOS