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‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ Coco Chanel 

Coco never did lie.

“Play your favourite song into work.”

“Don’t be nervous.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Why are you embarrassed?”

No song in the world was loud enough to cover up my insecurities last Monday when I wore my natural short hair to work. I didn’t wear a weave/wig to work. I wore my natural hair. I recently went natural so I did “the big chop” in order to start afresh, free of chemicals (chemicals meaning texturising or relaxing my hair to make the texture softer and straighter).

I’ve never been so nervous. I’ve only ever had short natural hair when I was really young. I found it sad that I felt so nervous to go into my workplace as myself. I am still a bit disappointed in myself with how emotional the whole experience made me. Society affects us so much but we must rise above and make society meet us at our level instead of theirs. If you don’t believe me go to any newsstand, look at the magazines. What does it tell us beauty looks like week after week?

One day I will have a daughter who regardless of who I marry will develop a little afro and I never want her to feel sad that she isn’t beautiful enough to walk into any room with her head held high.
Don’t hide your hair. Don’t hide. Don’t hide who you truly are. Before we change the visible we must change the invisible. As a result, I’ve been working on my confidence and my insecurities. On Monday I felt so embarrassed that I was embarrassed about wearing my natural hair to work. However, I also felt I had to get a message out there.

The message is that we should all be proud of who we are regardless of skin shade, hair texture & all the other factors that make us naturally us. And where others are ignorant in their knowledge of our truth, we shouldn’t sneer at their ignorance, we should attempt to educate and be a light to them.

Ladies and gentleman, live your truth and let no one ever tell you that your truth is a lie.


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