This month I’ve vowed not to spend money on clothes and makeup. I’m quickly learning with each payslip how unimportant these things are in comparison to my future goals and present enjoyment. When I say present enjoyment I mean the idea of not being able to spend quality time with someone I care about because of money I spent on something that is nowhere near as important.

In terms of future goals, I’m talking property. Look, I can build the cutest tent with all my clothes but the way the wind is blowing these days I need a house with central heating. Sure I’m 24 and that’s still considered young (depending on who you’re talking to) but I need something that’s mine and something that grows in value. With every payslip, I realise that getting paid 12 times a year isn’t enough for me so I’m investing in my future.

So if you ever see me and think, “Haven’t I seen her wear that before?” The answer is damn straight! I’m not made of money and I’m not sponsored by anyone to be getting anything free. If this post relates to you I hope you do what you need to do to get to where you need to be regardless of the background noise created by others.

Something I live by is, “Don’t make someone richer by making yourself significantly poorer.” Sure some things are worth the money but not everything is and the moment you set the bar for what is value vs what isn’t, you’ll be on your way to a better financial future in no time.

While I do want things like a nice car, I know I would rather use passive income to pay for such a luxury. Passive income is using profit from your investments to pay for the things you want to. Many of us use our salary to pay for the finer things in life but soon enough you realise that you become a slave to possessions you don’t even own.

So for now and from now on, I’m not thinking about what I can buy now. I’m focusing on what my net worth will be later. If you haven’t started already, make financial decisions now that your future money will thank you for.



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