Something hit me a few weeks ago. I noticed that I always took pictures in places like Victoria or South Kensington and it made me question the value of my upbringing. As a result, ladies and gentleman:

Welcome To Brixton


Brixton is the area I was born and raised in. The area that was once a place where no one wanted to go to because there was always trouble. Stabbings, drug dealers, drug addicts, you name it. However, what many people forgot at the time was the good. The culture, the community spirit, the liveliness and the soul. However, the area now has become a highlight in London. It has more mixed cultures, higher rent prices and good old (*insert sarcasm*) gentrification.

Here are a few monumental parts of Brixton I’d like to share with you.

The Ritzy Cinema 


Built in 1911 & still standing. While everyone had an Odeon, we had a Ritzy. It’s only as I grew older that I realised how happy I was to have The Ritzy instead.

The Black Cultural Archives


Opened last year but it’s already monumental. Inside this heritage museum, you’ll find rare books, ephemera, photographs, and stories that tell of how many Africans & Caribbean’s descended to Britain.

Electric Avenue/Brixton Market


Where my mum taught me how to choose plantain according to its ripeness & how I should pick our vegetables. There’s also a few hair shops in the market which is where I still get my products. In secondary school, I’d go to the market to get some cheap big gold plated /silver earrings to wear after school with me and my girls! Those were the days!

I see the importance of never forgetting where we come from. It is our struggle that makes our success worth it and I am so proud and will always be so proud to say I’m from Brixton. It helped shape who I am today.

Outfit Details

White Blouse – Topshop

White Flared Trousers (similar) – Topshop

Heels – Zara