My outfit choice here really goes with what I’m about to talk about.

Growing up people always used to say, “Bola seems so reserved and sensible.” Upon my friends hearing that they would laugh and probably reply, “No she’s not.” (You can always rely on true friends to shame your character!!!)
Although I’m a Christian I often fall short and I don’t always act in a Christ like way. For example if I’m having a bad day and someone trips me up I’m really going to stick out my foot and trip them back. If someone tries to hurt me or anyone I love – get ready for one of the biggest reads* you’ve ever received in your life.
*Read: To tell someone about them self in a shady manner
In all of that being said, I try to stay humble and always remember I’m just one person out of so many in the  world. As quickly as God can give me my blessings, He can take them away. In another breath I sometimes want to wear certain types of outfits- the type that make me look and feel sexy. I might not have this body forever and if you got it flaunt it right? If I was in bible study I’m sure someone would objectify but in the modern world although my morals lay on side with my Christian faith it’s a DAILY struggle to keep right.
I try to set a good example but every now and again I do act in ways that don’t portray me in the greatest light.
I guess we all have our own struggles. And God is our only judge. With that being said I’m forever a work in progress. My walk with God isn’t always perfect but I try when I can, where I can.
As patient as God is with us, I hope we are as patient with each other to understand that nobody is perfect.